Our Parents’ Involvement is Important!

It takes much more than a few hours in the classroom to shape a child’s education. Thank you parents for your involvement in your child’s growth.

Over the years Yorktown has established several year-round activities to encourage our students to develop people skills, build self assurance and the willingness to just try new things. Students also develop a common bond of experience, worldviews and fun memories. Some activities may even introduce a student to “something they love”.

We endeavor to have a mix of activities each year that will include family involvement.
Some will be on an annual basis and some others will be one-time events.

  • Innovation Expo
  • Overnight Trips & Outdoor School
  • Annual All School Formal Dinner
  • International Trips
  • Mock Trials, Speech & Debate
  • Poetry Slam
  • National Entrepreneur Week
  • Parent Socials
  • Student Socials & Activities
  • Field Trips & Domestic Travel
  • Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving
  • Community Service
  • Annual Holiday Celebrations

We look forward to sharing
in the lives and education of your children!

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