Yorktown Education Offers Your Family the Adventure of Hosting an International Student!

Few experiences can spark interest in the world like opening up your home and becoming a host family for a Yorktown international student. Being a host family is a unique, rewarding, fun and educational experience for all members of your family and an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships.

What are my primary responsibilities as a host family?

  • Providing a student with a safe, supportive and loving home for the academic year or semester
  • Welcoming a student as a member of the family and encouraging students to participate in all aspects of family life
  • Providing a student with his/her own bed and a place to study, either in a room shared with a family member of the same sex and within four years of the student’s age, or in his/her own room
  • Providing a student with meals including school lunch
  • Providing transportation to and from school
  • Encouraging the exchange of ideas and providing students with exposure to the cultural and social environment of the home and neighborhood
  • Providing the love and understanding a young person needs to enjoy a successful academic year in America

Ready to find out more?

Yorktown is in need of host families who will offer our international students a one of a kind experience that can change their view of the world as well as yours!

Call (972) 936-7988 or fill out the form below for more information.