Tuition and Fees

The GTD school is an outstanding value.  First, there are Elite College Admissions which lead to better graduate schools and jobs. There are college scholarships averaging over $80,000 per graduate. There is also college credit earned, which can be up to two years of college advancement, which may be worth $100,000 per student at some universities. So, the total value received may be over $180,000 for your student, but there are no guarantees. Students must enroll, fulfill their obligations, and it does require diligence.

Domestic Tuition is $6,000 per semester and is paid 30 days before the semester starts. This will be March 1 for 2021 spring, May 1 for the Summer semester, August 1 for Fall Semester, November 1 for Winter Semester, and February 1 for the Spring semester 2022. The summer semester is not typical but is geared towards completing a full year credit on each class so fewer classes are taken. This helps students move ahead in specific subjects or catch up if needed.

The other top private schools are $12,000 to $24,000 per semester. We are a small school that focuses on academic advancement, useful life skills, and career preparation. We do not have a large fancy campus, which saves you money. For instance, our football team is undefeated because we do not have one, and we save the expense of stadiums, travel, and other issues. Our athletes are usually on elite specialty teams and we have more athletic scholarships per student than most large high schools. Our music students have played with the actual symphony and our actors and theater students have been on TV shows, in the movies, and do things in the real world that they love.  Students’ real-world extracurricular activities that they may receive credit for have been medical, engineering, legal, and business internships for example – which also help generate scholarships!

International Students must pay a full nine month’s tuition by May 1 of the proceeding year. This includes three semesters totaling $20,000 for tuition per US Government rules.  The 2021-2022 tuition is due May 1, 2021.

Material and Activity Fees are $2,000 due upon enrollment and cover basic materials, software, support, and books. It also covers the required monthly student social events, including a three-day two-night trip at the start of each year, COVID permitting.  This also covers students for the all-school formal dinner each spring, where graduation is also held.

Enrollment Deposit is $2,000. There is a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $2,000 for the following semester and is due upon acceptance. To receive the deposit back, the student’s guardian must declare before the start of the current semester, that is their final semester and the $2,000 will be credited to their tuition. For graduates, the enrollment deposited is credited to cover formal dinner and family admissions costs for immediate family and grandparents.

Application Fee is $200 and is nonrefundable and covers the cost of review and qualifies new applicant families.

Advanced Student Scholarship. When a student reaches all dual enrollment classes, tuition is reduced by $4,000 to $2,000 per semester. Their class spot will also be opened for additional students. Students are responsible for their own dual enrollment fees and tuition.

Optional Events. Optional trips like our two-week trips to Europe and China require additional fees for those who chose to attend. There are also special events, like scuba diving, periodically.

New Student Scholarships. The GTD School offers financial scholarships on an as-needed basis. Please contact the office or ask during your tour.

Financing Options are offered from Your Tuition Solutions. Please ask the office or during your tour.

Additional Fees

Late Hours Attendance and Late Pick Up Fees
Additional hours, from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Monday through Friday, are available for $600 per quarter. There is a late pick up fee that runs from $50 to $200 per incident, see Student Pick Up Agreement.

Advanced Placement
Per College Board
The College Board sets all test fees and other charges. Prep work, test and additional books are the responsibility of the student.

Summer School
We offer an optional summer semester. Students typically complete a full year of work and a limited number of subjects.

Apple Computers
Computers are required and may be purchased separately. The TI-84 calculator is required for certain classes.

Overnight School Trips
Required day trips and optional overnight trips are covered with the activity fee. Examples are museum field trips and overnight trips to Austin and Oklahoma. Long-term trips are optional and paid for by the parent. These trips vary in price, and options for payment installments are available.

Our graduates have been able to achieve significant college scholarships and credits. Yorktown graduates often receive full ride scholarship or full financial packages so they can attend college without paying for it.