The Yorktown program enrolls classes based on the proposed graduation date in May of their 18th year (traditional graduation age).  This will be their “Class”.  Classes are limited to 20 students per class.

The selection cut for a class is on March 1 of the previous year.  This year’s first selection cut will be March 1, 2021.  All applicants will be reviewed and ranked.  Students at that that time are admitted, waitlisted or passed over.  Students who are admitted must accept and proceed with enrollment.  If they do not proceed with enrollment, they must reapply later.  Students who are wait listed will then be offered the enrollment position.

We are currently accepting students for the following classes:

Class of 2022 – Currently Juniors – 5 Domestic openings, 5 international openings

Class of 2023 – Currently 10th Grade – 15 Domestic openings, 5 international openings

Class of 2024 – Currently 9th Grade – 15 Domestic openings, 5 international openings

Class of 2025 – Currently 8th Grade – 20 openings

Class of 2026 – Currently 7th Grade – 20 openings

Class of 2027 – Currently 6th Grade – 20 openings

Class of 2028 – Currently 5th Grade – 20 openings

Class of 2029 – Currently 4th Grade – 20 openings

Current Yorktown students must also apply for these openings.

Application and Assessment

You may schedule an interview with the Headmaster and Prospective families will submit an application for enrollment at the time of the student assessment. Applications can be submitted online or sent directly to the Yorktown Education Admissions office (submissions via email will also be accepted).

Download the Admissions Application here.

As part of the application process, we will request all educational records as well transcripts from your current school.

Financial Assistance
We understand the challenges families may face when financing a private education. To help meet these financial demands, we offer a number of payment plans and opportunities.

Yorktown families seeking financial aid can now file an application through the Independent School Management Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) Program.

International Student Program
The International Student Program (ISP) provides Yorktown Education the opportunity to welcome international students to be a part of our community.


We understand the importance of choosing the right place for your child’s education.

We offer several opportunities for our prospective families to get to know the school and what truly makes Yorktown Education unique.

We invite you and your child to spend the day at Yorktown Education with current students and teachers. Students are matched with a current student based on interests and will spend most of the day with that student attending classes with them.