The School for Gifted, Talented or Diligent Students (GTD) by Yorktown Education. GTD students at Yorktown complete a traditional semester of work every three months. We grade based on learning, not ranking against other students. When students miss points on a test, they are expected to get with the teacher and relearn the material, then they receive the points. This is also called mastery learning. The GTD program is a level above the Advanced Placement (AP) Program or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. Our students rise to actual college course work at college campuses, along with specialty internships and personal programs. Upon graduation students are ranked into one of three groups:

Ranked First In Class (1) – Student graduates filling all requirements, has over 30 hours of college credit, a cumulative grade point average over 3.6 for all classes, something special that distinguishes them, and a positive social behavioral record. Headmaster recommendations will only be given to students Ranked First In Class (1). We expect every student may achieve this and when we had an open admission policy about half of students achieved this.

Rank B – Students who are short on any requirement from Ranked First In Class but still have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0, and a positive social behavioral record. These students may receive faculty recommendations. Some international students or students who entered the program late, may be in this category.

Rank C – Students who have fulfilled the graduation requirements. These may be older international students for example.

This is a Curriculum  Map of our course work. The white section is what traditional college prep schools cover and the yellow section is what the GTD program covers. You will note this is a wider range of coursework and at higher levels than other schools. Click on the map to download.

We work with colleges, companies, and third-party institutions (like hospitals) to develop special personal internships and programs for each student. Examples include optometry in Mexico, Medical internships in Africa, Physics projects at leading labs, Law internships and other organizations and companies.  One student started a successful video game company!

Dual Enrollment Program Prepares Your Student for Collegiate Immersion A great way for students to leave high school is to have them already succeeding in college. We required all graduates to have successfully completed classes in our dual enrollment program. This is accredited by SACS/CASI, an accreditation division of AdvancED / Cognia, which is recognized in all 50 States and over 70 foreign countries. Your student can obtain the first 60 hours of college credits in our basic program, so your student is college proven upon graduation, not just college-ready. And having obtained college credit, he/she is ready to be admitted to college with an “advanced position” – college work completed.

The School for Gifted, Talented or Diligent Students (GTD) by Yorktown Education is part of a complex legal structure with not-for-profit corporations, charitable trusts and a regular C corporation.