Instead of emphasizing standardized testing and advancement based on grade level, curriculum at Yorktown focuses on mastery-based-learning.

This allows our students to progress through cohorts based on their accomplishment of objectives, leading to better understanding, independence and self-reliance.

The family environment allows students to apply critical skills such as collaboration and innovative thinking, facilitated by teachers who understand each student’s gifts and needs.

Advanced coursework coupled with a “Do What You Love” approach engages students in a style of learning that prepares them for life. We foster an innovative school environment for not only our students but our teachers as well.

During the last 10+ years we have become the leader in student-centered (also known as personalized) education.

Student-centered education is where your child is the priority. This approach focuses on what your child needs versus traditional schools that were designed over 100 years ago and focus on the process rather than the child.

One of the hallmarks of student-centered education is advancement without grade levels. Instead of traditional grade levels that hold your child back, we believe in the development of the whole child – personal, executive skills, ability to learn, in addition to academic and physical skills.

We do this in the cohort program. From early ages where a high level of support is required to advanced cohorts where responsible young adults take care of their tasks without reminders, we enable them to move up at their own level of personal student development.

When students embrace this process, they may enter college classes as early as 14 years old. We have students graduating with 2 years of college completed, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition and fees.  ALL graduates successfully complete college coursework on the college campus before graduation.  Other schools hope some of their students are college ready.  All our graduates are college proven.

Every student is an individual with their own talents, abilities and weaknesses. Yorktown tailors the student’s education to their needs. They learn better, faster and more effectively.

Yorktown Education has some of the best accreditation scores in the country.

AdvancED is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities throughout the United States and internationally.

Yorktown Education is a leading innovator in student-centered education with very high accreditation scores. Yorktown Education is accredited by AdvancED, SACS/CASI and the NCAA.

Yorktown Education is recognized by other schools in all 50 states, all state governments and over 70 foreign countries. Yorktown is a member the National Association of Independent Schools and the ERB (Educational Records Bureau).

We prepare students for life with a focus on academics and personal special interests. Graduates have the skills they need to choose what they want to do with their lives – and to be good at it.

Every student is an individual with their own talents, abilities and weaknesses. Yorktown tailors the student’s education to their needs. They learn better, faster and more effectively.

Our philosophy prepares children to thrive in the new global environment. We believe your child should be educated and prepared for the future world they will live in.

Lower School
This level is typically the first 3 cohorts which equates to K-6th grade. This prepares children for a lifelong love of learning through engaging them in the art of “play,” one-on-one teacher instruction, group lessons and technology for the practice of skills.

Upper School
This level is for the 4th and 5th cohorts and students attending college. This typically equates to 7th – 12th grade. This is designed to support students’ advancement to the next level academically and personally.

Dual Enrollment Program Prepares Your Student for Collegiate Immersion
A great way for students to leave high school is to have them already succeeding in college. We required all graduates to have successfully completed classes in our dual enrollment program. This is accredited by SACS/CASI, an accreditation division of AdvancED, which is recognized in all 50 States and over 70 foreign countries.

Your student is able to obtain the first 60 hours of college credits in our basic program, so your student is college proven upon graduation, not just college ready. And having obtained college credit, he/she is ready to be admitted to college with an “advanced position” – college work completed.

Preparation for College
One of the biggest stumbling blocks for students after graduation is sudden immersion in an unstructured college environment. College professors offer more day-to-day leniency and are less likely to help students remember due dates, deadlines, and assignments. Yorktown Education provides life skills and time management education practiced daily so students thrive in college. Students are thoroughly prepared for the transition to college and life.

College is an exciting and life-changing experience, so make sure your teen is prepared. Yorktown Education prepares your child for all post-secondary endeavors.

We offer over 300 college courses, internships, practicums and specialty course-work.