Our Board of Directors – Making Yorktown Education a Smart Choice!

Randall Reiners Founder, Chairman, CEO

Mr. Reiners is Chairman and CEO Yorktown Education, a new school concept in its tenth year of providing a better way to educate K-12 students.

Yorktown is now recognized as a leading innovator in education and reform. Student learning increases are among the highest in the United States. Graduates receive large scholarships and college credit often valued in excess of tuition costs to Yorktown Education. 100% of graduates are admitted to colleges with advanced college work completed, academic scholarships to top colleges, or both.  Yorktown students are college proven.  The most recent GPA  (spring 2017) for all Yorktown High School Students attending college classes is 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.  Over 75% of Yorktown high school aged students attend college classes on a college campus.  100% of Yorktown graduates have successfully completed college courses before graduation.  We know of no other school delivering these results.

Mr. Reiners’ extensive and sharp business acumen and success fuel his determination to create and prove a successful way to educate all students. His corporate experience includes:  At Tempur-Pedic, Inc., he joined as Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President and was later elected to the Board of Directors. Tempur-Pedic grew from revenue of $12 million with a value of $30 million when he joined, through an IPO, to revenue and stock value of several billion dollars today.  At IPIX Corporation, Mr. Reiners facilitated two private placements and an IPO increased the company’s value from $30 million to over $500 million with its IPO.  At Malone and Hyde, Inc., Mr. Reiners was promoted 4 times in the first 5 years to head Strategic Planning for all operating units including AutoZone, Inc. (AZO). AutoZone’s value increased from $100 million to over $14 billion in 2017.

Mr. Reiners has a Master’s Degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Missouri, and studied Engineering at Iowa State University.

Ms. Heather O'Mara Director

With more than 30 years of experience across multiple fields, including education, technology, media and telecommunications, Heather O’Mara has a passion for K-12 and online education. Ms. O’Mara, CEO of HOPE Online Learning Academy Co-Op, helped establish America’s “first fully-online accredited university,” created an online school for at-risk teenagers, and helped craft legislation paving the way for online K-12 schools in California. Ms. O’Mara has educated children who might have fallen through the cracks while creating a sustainable business model to support students.

Using a business plan to partner with local companies and nonprofit organizations, in addition to working with school districts and educational leaders, HOPE was born in 2005. In the first year, more than 1,600 students were enrolled, most of whom were lost and discouraged in a traditional education environment. About 70 percent of HOPE students are minorities and more than half qualify for free or reduced lunches. She worked with legislators for two years — often bringing them to one of the 50 learning centers HOPE uses in conjunction with private schools or groups such as The Urban League. In 2007, the California Legislature passed the Online Education Act.

Prior to co-founding HOPE, Ms. O’Mara spent eight years at Jones International Ltd. as President of Jones Knowledge. She was responsible for facilitating the innovation and growth of one of the country’s first online education businesses and encouraging high schools and universities to adopt online education. She also served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Jones Internet Channel, where she executed a content development license and acquisition strategy through relationships with cable television programmers and publishers. Prior to Jones, Ms. O’Mara spent 10 years at Viacom Inc. as Vice President of Finance and International Operations. She was also a CPA with audit and tax experience in the Emerging Business Services unit of Coopers & Lybrand. Ms. O’Mara earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and International Business from New York University in New York City.

Dr. Todd Kettler Director

Dr. Kettler, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Psychology at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, has managed several federal grant projects focused on education research and best practices.

Dr. Kettler previously worked as Assistant Professor in the College of Education of the University of North Texas (UNT), and prior to that as an English teacher, a gifted education specialist, and a director of advanced academics in two large school districts. He has published research in Gifted Child Quarterly, Journal for the Education of the Gifted, Journal of Advanced Academics, Thinking Skills and Creativity, and Gifted Child Today. In 2014 he co-authored A Teacher’s Guide to Using the Common Core State Standards with Gifted and Advanced Learners in English/Language Arts, and more recently he published Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students, which won the 2016 Legacy Award for the best scholarly book published in the field of gifted education. He currently serves as the Chair of the Commissioner of Education’s Advisory Board for Gifted Education in Texas, and he received the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented’s Advocate of the Year award in 2012. Dr. Kettler’s research and teaching specialties are advanced learning design, complex thinking, and education for elite talent development. He coordinates professional learning and curriculum development for the Office of Giftedness and Talent Development at UNT, and he was recently appointed co-editor for the Journal of Advanced Academics. Dr. Kettler earned his bachelor of arts in philosophy and his PhD in educational psychology at Baylor University.

Dr. Matilda Orozco Director

Dr. Orozco is an accomplished district administrator with experience as a K-12 educator. She is adept at steering educational improvement efforts and student achievement through shared leadership, 21st century best practices, data-driven decision making, and problem solving expertise. She has proven to be an effective leader in the areas of teacher development, leadership development, professional development, and curriculum development. She excels in cultivating and maintaining unified relationships with all stakeholders to reach one common goal. Dr. Orozco is currently the Area Superintendent at International Leadership of Texas School District. She sets bold, measurable, and achievable goals for student academic growth and holds them accountable for achievement of these goals. Prior to this she served as the Chief School Officer for the Houston Independent School District, where she provided leadership and guidance to 35 schools at the elementary, middle, and high school level.

Dr. Orozco facilitates and communicates the district’s initiatives and strategies for increasing student achievement and promotes the district as an exemplary school district. She defines critical issues, identifies resource requirements, and sets bold, measurable, and achievable goals focused on student academic growth. Dr. Orozco collaborates with school support officers to determine school needs, assess progress, and ensure that school needs are met. The skills she’s developed throughout her career, especially in her role as Chief School Officer, will be integral to the successful development of the Yorktown Education national network of schools.

Dr. Caprice Young Director

Dr. Young has an extensive history leading school systems, philanthropic organizations, business, governmental and community-based organizations engaged in transformational work. In addition to serving on several education focused boards, she is the Superintendent at Learn4Life Schools and President of Education Growth Group. Prior to that Dr. Young was CEO & Superintendent of Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation. She leads educators who are responsible for graduating students who are scientific thinkers that contribute to the global community as socially responsible and educated members of society. Her innovative thinking and experience in creating learning organizations that serve all students will be key to Yorktown Education’s success.

Magnolia Public Schools (MPS) are tuition-free charter schools with campuses throughout Southern California that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) based teaching to ensure its students are well-rounded and college-ready from day one.  Students at MPS also participate in a variety of school activities and clubs including technology & engineering, language & culture, community service, and visual & performing arts.

Prior to her work at Magnolia Public Schools, Dr. Young was Vice President for Education at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, where she was responsible for expanding the Foundation’s education strategy, managing the Foundation’s education portfolio, leading the Foundation’s education team, and making recommendations on potential education-related charitable investments.

In her previous role as and CEO and President at EnCorps, Inc., Dr. Young’s chief role was to find, train, and place inspiring. talented mid-career techies, scientists and math geeks to become successful K-12 teachers, mentors, guest lecturers and other professionals in education.

Dr. Young earned her doctorate in Education from the University of California at Los Angeles, her MPA from the University of Southern California, and her BA from Yale University.