From the Head of the School

At Yorktown Education we believe your student can live a better life “Doing What They Love”.  Our students achieve by reaching their highest potential, cultivating a love of learning and innovating. This develops self-confidence, creativity, and academic interests, which result in purposeful, successful, and happy lives.

Higher achievement is standard order of the day at our school. Upper School (middle and high school students) receive dual enrollment, which allows them to earn college credits while in high school. Yorktown students can earn up to 60 college credits (equivalent to two years of college, with more than 400 courses to choose from) through our dual enrollment program before high school graduation. Some of our students further pursue their interests by participating in internships in local hospitals, veterinarian clinics, and engineering firms, just to name a few.

Randall Reiners, Founder and Chairman

I invite you to visit us in person and see our students joyfully learning Mandarin, practicing computer coding, working together on science projects, debating current economic topics in the news, and displaying a true love of learning and inquiry.

Visit us and learn more about how our exceptional education makes this possible. We look forward to meeting you.

Yorktown Mission

Our mission is to enable Yorktown students to have peaceful, prosperous lives Doing What They Love.