We believe our students will be successful in doing what they love.

We provide accelerated, advanced education for students who are Gifted, Talented, or Diligent in their studies. We create the foundation for a successful life after graduation, doing what they love and achieving their full potential.

Students must have educational achievement in the top half of fourth grade for acceptance to the program. We have been providing proven innovative, highly accredited educational programs for over 12 years, including a remote option that athletes, actors, and world travelers have used during the last decade.

Unlike other schools, our students did not fall behind in their achievement during the COVID crisis. As one of the early implementers of student-centered education we’ve long been at the forefront of advanced practices and personalizing education for every student.

We believe in the development of the whole child – personal relationships, academic and physical skills as well as their personal ability to learn. Teachers provide more direct student attention in smaller classes for a richer learning experience that helps students learn faster and more in-depth.

We run an accelerated program with students required to complete a traditional semester of work in three months. For example, entering this year at fourth grade means that at the end of next year, your student will have completed sixth grade. They will be a full year ahead of their peers at all other schools. Students will then complete the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade levels in the next two years. After four years in our program students should be two years ahead of their peers. This acceleration continues into high school and college courses.

Students who enter by sixth grade should complete two years of college before high school graduation. Our student’s college grade point averages have been 3.8 on a 4.0 scale, among the best in America. This is one of the reasons our students have historically been accepted to elite schools in the Ivy League, top universities in the United States and overseas, and selective specialty colleges like the Parson School of Design, SCAD – Savannah College of Arts and Design, and California Institute of the Arts.

Our student’s scholarships have averaged over $80,000 per student. This past year, one student turned down a full scholarship to Stanford University because another university made him a better offer.

The Yorktown program enrolls classes based on the proposed graduation date in May of their 18th year (traditional graduation age). Students will be a selected group of advanced students and develop lifelong close friendships with high achieving students and families. For more information see Admissions.

Yorktown also educates with cohort levels. As students develop respect, personal responsibility, and the ability to innovate, they take control of their learning. With higher achievement comes more freedom as they move into early college coursework, internships, and other specialty programs. They become admirable young adults who are confident with their direction in life. At the higher levels of academics, students become responsible and take control of their schedules, work well with groups and find creative solutions to issues and challenges. They also develop expertise in their areas of interest and accomplish advanced work that leads to college acceptances and scholarships.

Yorktown Education is a leading innovator in student-centered education with very high accreditation scores. Yorktown Education is accredited by AdvancED, SACS/CASI, and the NCAA. Yorktown school credits are recognized by schools in all 50 states and over 70 foreign countries. Yorktown is also recognized by the United States State Department and admits international students through the I-20 program. Yorktown has been a member of the National Association of Independent Schools and the ERB (Educational Records Bureau).

Students learn how to:

UNDERSTAND THINKING Think like Spock for logical thought. Think like DaVinci for creative thought. Think like Everyone Else for understanding people. UNDERSTAND LEARNING Know your own personal learning style. UNDERSTAND PEOPLE How people think. Why people think. Communication skills. Leadership and organizational skills. UTILIZE EXECUTIVE SKILLS Time management and modern technology keep you on the cutting edge. INNOVATE Yorktown’s GTD curriculum has four parts: – Advanced DO WHAT YOU LOVE Curriculum – A solid Core Curriculum – Life Required Courses – Yorktown Only Required Courses

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