Why a Gifted, Talented or Diligent School?

The GTD program by Yorktown Education.

The GTD program focuses on making sure better students reach their potential, unlike traditional schools which focus on lagging students.

Traditional schools and grade level pacing (public and private) is targeted at the bottom half of student performance, i.e., no child left behind. Better students are held back, bored, and never reach their potential in school or life. They simply do not have the best start.

The students in our GTD school move at a 50 percent faster pace. All students complete a traditional semester of work in twelve weeks instead of eighteen weeks. They are expected to complete three semesters of school every twelve months. Our students are two years ahead of their peers after four years at Yorktown.

Our Mastery Program (developed from our personalized program over the last decade) makes sure every student masters the material at a grade A level. We hire teachers with more experience and train them in our system. Over half of a teacher’s time is scheduled to work with students and provide personal instruction. Classes do not exceed 20 students.

GTD students are engaged, challenged, and happy.

“Yorktown Education understands gifted pedagogy. The curriculum is accelerated, and students work alongside other high ability motivated students to progress at a pace commensurate with their ability. They simply learn more because the pace allows it.”

“In addition, Yorktown enriches the core curriculum with engaging and thought-provoking courses to prepare students for competitive post-secondary education. I have studied gifted education around the world, and I am proud to send my kid to Yorktown”.

Todd Kettler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Baylor University, School of Education

– Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students (2016) Winner of the Legacy Award
– Developing Creativity in the Classroom: Learning and Innovation in 21st Century Schools (2019)

Nothing motivates young minds more than discovering what inspires them. This unique approach will improve your child’s life.

Encouraging students to progress at a speed that reflects their capabilities – academically, socially and personally, instead of by age or by grade, fosters advancement and personal satisfaction.

This approach results in a dramatically different learning environment, higher achievement and kids who experience real achievement are happier at school and at home.

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