Dual Enrollment Program

Inspiring Educational Excellence Through Personalized Coursework

  1. Yorktown’s curriculum standards are higher than other Texas Schools. The core curriculum is targeted towards the College Board’s Advanced Placement standards and the new National Common Core Standards. These are the standards colleges prefer. Other Texas schools follow the Texas State Standards. Texas State standards are lower than national standards. Yorktown Education will not lower our academic levels to other schools.
  2. Yorktown wants all students to earn A grades in every subject. Our mastery program aims for students to learn at a 90% plus level in almost every subject. This can be achieved without long hours of homework. Teachers review tests and assignments with each student, and the student may rework the assignment to reach a higher level of understanding.
  3. Yorktown students often work to higher-grade levels in subjects they like, or have already mastered. Our policy of allowing students to move ahead keeps them engaged and happy, not bored with school. After a year at Yorktown, students are able to reach higher grade-levels of achievement and pass their peers at other Texas schools. Yorktown students may reach several grade levels above their same aged peers at other leading private schools as well.
  4. Yorktown Education’s dual enrollment college credit program puts our students above other schools. Our students can take more college classes with a wider variety of subjects than other high schools in Texas. Yorktown students have done better in their college courses than other leading schools. Our grade point average for courses graded by the college, in the dual enrollment program, is higher than most other high schools in Texas. Yorktown pays for our students first 60 college credits. Yorktown wants all our students to be ahead of others for college admissions.

Simply put, Yorktown Education provides the highest level of academic achievement for students, based on their personal potential.

  • Yorktown students receive more direct, individual and small group instruction from teachers than most other non-special education schools. We use technology to free up our teachers to work directly with students – one-on-one and in small groups.
  • Yorktown wants students to receive in-depth learning in special interest subjects. Yorktown develops “Do What You Love” curriculum so students are positioned for preferred college admissions and scholarships. This also puts students on track for happy successful lives. After a year at Yorktown, students are able to reach higher grade-levels of achievement and pass their peers at other Texas schools. Students’ studies have included engineering, computers, medicine, fashion design, computer animation, movie production and theater. Yorktown is able to provide specialized education, experience and high school credit in almost any area of interest. We do this internally, with third party partners, college dual enrollment programs and customized course practicums.

We believe there is no other school with Yorktown Education’s academic program and profile.